Client Service Excellence for Support Team Members

Client Service Excellence concerns the interaction between the organisation and its internal and external customers. Client Service Excellence is a set of skills and behaviours which help people in key communication roles to develop positive working relationships whilst promoting a professional image for the organisation. Team Members who are helpful, positive and calm under pressure add critical value by helping to retain external customers and build internal goodwill.

This programme will help:
This programme is designed for secretaries and support team members who provide a service and support to internal and external customers and whom successful and effective liaison is a key requirement of their role.

Course duration:
4 hours

Course Aim
This course is designed to introduce the principles of excellent client service for internal and external clients. The workshop covers; defining your clients and their expectations, effective communication and call handling techniques.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Identify clients and define client service excellence
  • Explain the key methods of communication
  • Operate the telephone and use the appropriate greeting and message taking process
  • Explain how the telephone can be used to promote excellent client service
  • Identify the importance of first impressions and create favourable impressions with clients
  • List words and phrases for use with clients
  • Identify techniques for handling complaints and dealing with difficult situations and awkward customers

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