how we help

the opportunity

As the economic climate continues to challenge your business, successful organisations are placing an increasing emphasis on the importance of interpersonal, client relationship and management capability. Highly successful businesses have proven time and again that developing your people is the key to continued success. The questions still remains, how to do this in a manner that ensures continual improvements in performance and changes in behaviour that positively impact the bottom line? The key to this is the development of people's relationship building and influencing skills via increased personal flexibility. As you are no doubt already aware the more flexible a person can be in any given situation the greater the likelihood of success. Success, that stems from having increased options, knowledge and experience when encountering different situations and behaviours. Increasing an individual's and an organisation's flexibility ensures that we no longer keep doing the same things and hoping for the same result, we are able to more effectively exert influence and gain better outcomes. The ability to easily and effectively develop relationships with clients, team members and managers is critically related to employee productivity and retention and similarly client acquisition, development and retention. Retaining high performers and continually motivating teams has a direct impact on the success and profitability of an organisation. The investment in your people at all levels and in a manner that fits your organisation's resource and financial situation is vital to immediate and continued success. Most of us have attended a few, possibly numerous training sessions, on a variety of topics, some of these sessions may have provided some new, even useful information that you may have considered applying in your daily activities. Unfortunately, the actual application of knowledge is usually limited from many development activities. This can occur for many reasons, with the key ones being as follows; information provided was not relevant, lack of reinforcement of skills application following the programme, no consequence for not applying new skills or just the challenge of doing something new.

the solution

ajm consulting designs and delivers programmes that specifically assist with increasing key business skill levels, flexibility and performance of your people. All of these programmes can be supported by follow-up group coaching sessions to ensure the immediate application of knowledge and skills and measurable results.

a modular approach

For all businesses time is at a premium and with that in mind many of the programmes offered are structured using a modular approach, whereby foundation skills are provided first before building on specific development areas. This approach reduces the amount of time people are away from their day to day activities and creates more sustainable improvements over time. For example, effective management skills are based on effective interpersonal skills. Therefore, before learning about the key functions of management a solid foundation of communication skills is a necessity. The Developing Personal Effectiveness Programmes can be used as pre-requisites to the Client Management and Team Management programmes, this is of course dependant upon individuals experience and displayed competence. All programmes can be delivered on a stand alone basis to focus on specific skills development or bespoke programmes can be designed that integrate various elements of any of the ajm consulting programmes.

1-2-1 coaching

To further support development of specific skill areas 1-2-1 performance coaching facilitates a specific kind of improvement in which a coach has a degree or experience and expertise in certain areas that the client wants to develop. Coaching can be implemented to further support formalised training or as a stand alone activity. Coaching requires the person being coached to illustrate over time the application of new behaviours and perspectives that result in performance improvements. This approach to development involves a small commitment of time and results in significant performance improvements in the areas specifically requested by the person being coached.