Listening That Gains Results*

There seems to be a growing realisation of the importance of solid listening and communication skills in business. After all, lack of attention and respectful listening can be costly - leading to mistakes, poor service, misaligned goals, wasted time and lack of teamwork.

Listening is something that we all think that we do well. How many conversations do you go through and think at the end of it "that person wasn't listening to me, they didn't really hear what I was saying"? If we all think that we listen to others, how does it come about that we think that others are not properly listening to us.

We can all work on our listening skills and there's always room to improve those skills, by reflecting on how we come across to others, thinking about how we would have felt in their shoes and practising our listening skills.

Effective listening skills are key for anyone who works in a team, manages others and interacts with clients.

This programme will help:
Anyone who is committed to further enhancing their listening skills. This workshop is appropriate for anyone who works in teams, manages others, communicates with clients, attends meetings or is involved in interview or coaching type situations.

Suggested Pre-requisites:
Hard Facts about Soft Skills

Course duration:
1.5 hours

Course Aim
This course helps individuals to review and develop their listening skills. Provide participants with the opportunity to gauge their listening skills, understand the positive benefits of active listening and identify the barriers to listening. The techniques of paraphrasing and summarising will also be discussed. Content will include the theory of listening as well as lots of opportunity to practise.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Define what listening is
  • List their personal barriers to effective listening
  • Demonstrate active listening
  • Effectively paraphrase information and ideas

*Listening That Gains Results and Questions That Get Answers can be delivered as singular programmes or combined for maximum results.

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