Management Essentials

Changing from being a team member to a manager is a great achievement for people. It recognises your achievements in a previous position and highlights the confidence others have in your ability to gain results through other people. The skills required to effectively manage a team of people are distinct from technical competence in a legal role, as a manager your team will expect you to perform immediately. Many people learn only one way of managing others through observing the behaviour of those they have been managed by previously. When managing others the more flexibility you have the greater the outcomes your team will gain. This programme is designed to examine key skills and processes that promote effective team management.

This programme will help:
Anyone who manages a team, especially those new to team management.

Developing Personal Effectiveness Programmes - dependant upon role and experience
Hard Facts About Soft Skills
Listening That Gains Results
Questions That Get Answers
Making Connections Comfortably

Course duration:
7.5 hours

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course participants will be able to :

  • Define their role as a manager
  • List the key skills required to manage other effectively
  • Delegate more effectively and get things done through others
  • Identify their management style and consider other approaches to improve their management flexibility
  • Identify the key stages a teams development

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