Mentoring - Using Knowledge and Experience to Develop Others

Mentoring is a process in which one person supports and lends his/her experience, perspective and knowledge to proffer advice and guidance to another of differing (and not necessarily less) experience in his/her professional performance and development. There is no one size that fits all:-

Successful mentoring secures the transfer of experience and perspectives not only intra-departmentally, but also across differing areas of the business. It is a relationship through which the differing perspectives and experiences of a Mentor in a particular field or situation can be shared and called upon, notably in what is by its very nature an informal and confidential process.

This programme provides those undertaking a Mentoring role the opportunity to clarify the role and expectations of themselves and those they will mentor.

This programme will help:
Anyone who is currently in or considering a mentoring role.


Course duration:
3.0 hours

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course participants will be able to :

  • Identify the role of the Mentor
  • Describe the benefits of Mentoring for themselves and those they mentor
  • Plan the key actions that need to occur to start and then sustain the mentoring relationship
  • Display the key interpersonal skills required to effectively mentor

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