Networking with Confidence

You’ll no doubt be pretty familiar with the term ‘networking’ and the people who do it. As experienced networkers know, nothing can move your career faster and more effectively than having a base of contacts who are in the right position to help you to achieve your ambitions. This practical course will help you to become one of them by highlighting what skills they have and how they use them to build relationships. This programme provides practical tips on 'how to network' emphasising that networking is about using your skills to help other people.

This programme will help:
The sooner in your career you start networking effectively, the better. This course is for anyone who deals with clients, intermediaries and other contacts in the market.

Course duration:
4 hours

Course Aim
This course is designed to introduce the concepts of personality profiles and the importance of chemistry in business relationships.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course participants will :

  • be able to define the process and key skills to effectively network
  • be comfortable talking to strangers who may become your best business contacts
  • explain what networking really is
  • know what people are looking for when networking and how to provide this
  • have a checklist of actions to take before, during and after a networking event
  • introduce yourself to others confidently and so that you are memorable
  • have a list of questions to use to create conversation, build rapport and identify opportunities for yourself and others
  • be able to effectively work a room
  • know how to effectively follow up the contacts you have made and further build relationships

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