Profiling Your Clients

What happens when the client believes that experience or expertise, price and levels of service are pretty much the same - no matter whom they select to work with?

They tend to choose the advisers they like, trust and respect the most. What's more, they will keep their business with that firm - as long as they are treated in a way that matches their expectations.

The problem is no two clients react in precisely the same way. So how do you decide what they are looking for and adapt your approach to provide it?

Profiling Your Clients is a stimulating programme that shows how to understand the chemistry of business relationships. To analyse others behaviour and easily decide what style of person you are dealing with and know what they're looking for. To understand the style in which they feel comfortable doing business.

Understanding how people react is equally important when it comes to getting the best from staff and colleagues. It saves so much time and hassle if everyone concentrates on the real issues instead of clashes of temperament.

There are four main personal style profiles. First individuals must learn about their own profile and the effect they have on others. Then they learn to recognise the profiles of their clients, prospects and colleagues. Each style has markedly different characteristics and needs to be approached in a different way to ensure the best results.

This programme will help:
This programme is designed for anyone looking to further improve their relationships with clients.

Course duration:
3.5 hours

Course Aim
This course is designed to introduce the concepts of personality profiles and the importance of chemistry in business relationships.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Identify their own personality profile
  • Identify personality profile of clients
  • Understand how to approach different personality types to form strong working relationships

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