The Successful PDR

This programme provides people with the skills and knowledge to successfully conduct and participate in a PDR process. PDR interviews are an opportunity to motivate and recognise team members. The true objective of PDRs is not to blame, reward or praise, but to develop. When PDRs are done well they become a personal development plan and help team members form an objective view of their past performance and a clear view of their future performance.

Who should attend:
This programme is designed for all managers undertaking PDR interviews with there team members.


Course duration:
3.0 hours

Course aim:
This course is designed to introduce the principles of delivering an effective PDR interview.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the programme delegates:

  • Will have reviewed practical examples of PDR interviews and determined effective and ineffective behaviours;
  • Will be able to prepare for the PDR interview considering past, current and future performance and identify, learning, development and coaching needs; and
  • Will have identified the key skills of and effective PDR interview and how to set the tone of the interview.

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