Setting SMART Objectives

An integral part of effective Performance Development Review is the setting of objectives for the upcoming year. Team members who are clear about the objectives they are accountable for and feel their work has purpose and value demonstrate commitment and energy, and are motivated to go that extra mile to help the Firm succeed.

This programme will help:
This programme is designed for all managers undertaking PDR interviews with there team members. .


Course duration:
2.0 hours

Course aim:
This course helps those that mange and lead others to effectively develop performance and developmental objectives. Participants will be provided the opportunity to examine the benefits of effective objectives for themselves and team members, discuss the link between organisational goals and individuals objectives and formulate objectives using the SMART format.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course participants will be able to :

  • List the benefits of effective objective setting for Managers and Team Members
  • Identify the role of the Manager and Team Member in objective setting activities
  • Set clear SMART objectives for both performance and development

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