what our clients say

Developing Personal Effectiveness

"Law is a relationship business and the foundation programmesare all about how to make the most out of our relationships. I attended the courses and found them to be excellent both in terms of content and delivery. The skills on which the courses focus are skills which a modern day lawyer cannot do without. I encourage all of our lawyers to attend these courses."
Equity Partner

"I would highly recommend the Communication Skills Programme as a result of the positiveimpact that the programme has hadon my team members and their ability to impact and influence others. My team members have gained a new found consciousness of the impact of their own behaviour on other people and the positive influence it can have on the outcome of day to day situations."
IT Development Manager

"Attendance at the Foundation Skills programmes increased my self awareness with regards to how effectively I communicate. The presentation and format of the course was informal and supportive. The follow up sessions allowed me to take forward the issues relevant to me and actively seek to instil the skills learnt within the course. An excellent opportunity to improve communication skills in stressful or indeed, awkward, situations. The delivery of all courses inspires those in attendance to actively participate and take forward the skills with confidence."
Senior Legal Executive

"The Developing Personal Effectiveness programmes really work, they provide you with a usable framework for communicating effectively with others. This makes it easier to be aware of how you interact and influence situations and get better results. The practical techniques for effectively managing nerves and feeling confident quickly have helped me in many situations including; meetings, presentations and interviews."

Developing Presentations with Impact

"I am on a complete high and had to tell you - I've just done a 40 minute presentation - no lectern - full house lights on - to over 80 people. A lady came up to me and said I looked so relaxed! - like I was speaking to a group of friends!!! All down to your magic Adam - so thank you AGAIN for your help - I am on a complete high."

"I was so impressed and gained so much benefit from the Presentation Skills Programme that I was determined that every person in my team would attend the programme. The programme was not only geared toward preparing people to give formal presentations in front of many people, it also prepared people for informally pitching to clients. The programme helps you when presenting to large groups or talking with clients over coffee. The Pitching Skills programme gave me a 180 degree change of mindset, ensuring a focus on clearly determining what our clients want not what we think they need."

"I would highly recommend the Presentation Skills Programme as one of the mostbeneficial (and most fun!) courses I have attended. We now require all new presenters of Advantage Employment Training courses to undertake this progamme before they present our courses, as the standard of presenting is so high after attending this programme. This is reflected in the feedback we receive from clients who attend our courses and also in the confidence of our presenters. The programme is delivered in a relaxed and entertaining way so that everyone feels involved and supports each other to obtain the most out of the sessions without feeling nervous or embarrassed."
Head of Advantage Training

"The training and coaching provided on pitching really worked. It has really helped me and has remindedme to put the client first in the pitch document and presentation."

"Despite being a qualified solicitor for 25 years appearing before every level of Judge and in the public Court arena, when I was asked to provide a presentation to a National Conference of Insolvency Practitioners, I felt very much outside my comfort zone. I therefore requested the support of Adam in relation to my presentation and he provided me with superb coaching. The advice that was provided was most prescient. I confirm the specific advice provided was excellent and in my opinion enabled me to provide a much more interesting presentation than I had planned. He also provided me with great confidence in my ability which I believe is an excellent skill."

Developing Client Impact

"Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how helpful I found the Client Relationship Programme that you delivered. As a client partner for 2 major insurer clients having an insight into the different kinds of people and how to build and strengthen relationships accordingly has really helped.

It made me realise that whilst sometimes we think we know it all and have been doing the job a long time, there are always new things to learn and improvements that can be made.

The actual presentation of the course was excellent as always. Everyone who attended was able to have an input and the follow up sessions were a very effective way of making sure the course content and ideas were not forgotten."

"Thanks for the excellent training course. I feel that even though I have been in networking situations for some time now it was really helpful and I learnt a lot, particularly in respect of recognising that a lot of the time it is 'all in the head' As we discussed in the follow-up session I used some of the techniques from the initial course and it helped me speak to new clients and new contacts."

"Resulting from the Foundations Skills programme I have certainly been able to apply many of the tools for enhancing understanding in the course of my work and networking, especially the method of paraphrasing to confirm that I had interpreted points correctly. The modular method of delivering learning was also very helpful in reinforcing skills that had been picked up and developing them to very specific ends. Ultimately, I feel that the programme has altered my behaviour in meetings and more generally to my benefit. Building on the Foundations Skills programme, the Maximising Client Relationships programme ensured the application of skills in a practical manner. Use of means of profiling clients and ourselves helped to demonstrate how behaviour could and should be adapted depending on the circumstances. I have applied a lot of the tools for developing rapport over the past few months. I found the manner of delivery encouraged participation and it was good to have recognised authorities available to bounce ideas off. In the last few months I have been able to apply the skills learnt on winning and retaining work with positive results and would recommend this course to anyone keen to develop their own relationships with clients and referrers."

Developing Management Effectiveness

"Being able to discuss specific matters which have occurred within the team, together with the various approaches to dealing with them, has significantly broadened my management 'toolkit'.Being aware of the different ways of dealing with a problem has developed my ability to handle issues more effectively with significantly less hassle and fuss. It has been helpful to find reasons why people in the team act in different ways towards a manager and the factors which effect a team's morale. It is also good to have some reassurance that not everything that happens in the team is down to the manager, but that I can always do something about it.I now feel more equipped to deal with any situation I may face from my team."
Manager Client Services

"The training I received has really made me think about not only what I say but the manner in which I deliver it, through the use of questioning and coaching but also by ensuring I listen. Dual objectives of getting results but also motivating and developing other people along the way, is something all managers which to achieve. I firmly believe that the techniques I have learnt, have, and will continue toassist me in meeting these objectives."
Business Development Manager

"Fantastic course! I feel more confident tackling issues raised within the team and understand the team's dynamics to enable me to choose the best method of delegating work and ensure a project is effectively managed as well as the people undertaking the work. It is great being able to discuss real life issues with people in a similar position and the follow-up session certainly makes sure you put into practice all of those good intentions you pick up during the main session. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a good understanding of the underlying principles of effective management. They are fantastic courses, brilliantly delivered. I have been on a very steep learning curve within my new management role and your help has been immeasurable! Thanks very much indeed."

"I attended the Management Essentials course in September and have already found it to be of great value. The course had clear objectives which Adam delivered in his usual engaging manner. It was relevant and thought provoking - we worked interactively covering behaviours we were already adopting but not entirely sure why, and also dealing with issues and behaviours not previously considered. The follow up session was useful to consolidate the learning from the day. Being quite soon after the main day meant I had to start putting what I had learnt into practice straight away."

One to one coaching

"In the past I would do anything to avoid standing in front of people and presenting - somehow through using a cardboard coffee cup and loads of practical advice and encouragement Adam has reduced that blind terror to something more manageable. The coaching was one to one, focused and extremely practical. No jargon, just straightforward tips and advice. I've been on any number of presentation skills courses and none of them have had the same impact as the one to one sessions. I am not completely cured but Adams coaching makes me less likely to run the other way - I feel I have the basics nailed the rest is down to practice."

"What can I say it works! Coaching with Adam provides structure and accountability to help you know you are making real progress. Adam enabled me to gain focus and clarity on what I wanted and needed to do to achieve my goals quickly. He has the knack of making you feel comfortable about being honest regarding what you want to achieve and what is really going on. Adam has helped me to find a new career and feel confident about moving forward."
Legal Executive